Nutrition for kids & teens

Healthy eating on the go: Fitness tips for kids and teens

The hustle and bustle of our daily lives can make healthy eating challenging, but a little preparation goes a long way. Here are a few tips that can help to keep you on track when you’re on the go!

Plan ahead.

Leave home equipped with healthy treats to avoid outside temptation. Your waistline and your WALLET will thank you – the extra expense of snacking adds up after awhile!

Limit your cravings.

Pack foods that will limit your cravings: focus on protein, whole grains, and fiber rich foods that will keep you feeling satisfied. A great go to traveling spread: chicken, broccoli, half of a protein bar, an apple, and pure pressed green juice.Green smoothie

Stay hydrated.

You’re going to hear this next one for the rest of your days: Stay hydrated! Thirst is often mistaken for hunger. Stay a step ahead of your thirst and grab a drink at any opportunity.

Play mind tricks.

Pack your treats in stylish and fun storage containers that are more appealing to the eyes. Being consistent has a lot to do with your will and determination, but this battle is also about reprogramming your thoughts and the way your mind works. A little bit of preparedness can make a huge difference when eating healthy on the go!

berries and yogurt Make a plan the night before.

We let laziness deter us from reaching our goals far too often. If this means as much to you as you say it does – you will make time for it. Spend an extra 15 minutes each night constructing a game plan to ensure you have a successful day.

Now get moving, you fabulous fitness lovers! See you camp!

Nutrition for kids & teens

Happy National Nutrition Month!

If you didn’t already know, March is National Nutrition Month! At Camp Pocono Trails we promote living a healthy lifestyle for children’s weight loss, which includes well-balanced nutrition.  All 3 of the meals served each day and both snacks given out are based off of the latest “My Plate” guidelines focusing on portion control, balancing all food groups, and proper nutritional elements. Camp Pocono Trails campers attend nutrition lessons, cooking lessons, and behavior modification classes, providing them with the tools to continue this healthy lifestyle back home. The nutrition sessions cover child and teen nutrition and include lessons like reading nutrition labels, modifying all time favorites to be healthier, and teaching the basic principles of nutrition.

Girls at camp learning about good nutrition; learn more during National Nutrition Month
Cooking Class at Camp Pocono Trails. Delicious & nutritious!
In the honor National Nutrition Month, here are some fun nutritional facts:
  1. A serving of kale has more absorbable calcium than a small carton of milk.
  2. Avocados are naturally FULL of nutrition, so there’s no need for special labels. They’re full of flavor; think of all of the meals you can healthify with avocado!
  3. Fruits with a lot of vitamin C, like oranges, will help your cuts heal faster. They can also make your teeth nice and strong.
  4. To burn off one plain M&M, you must walk the full length of a football field.
  5. Soda intake leaches calcium out of the bones, which contributes to lower bone mineral density.
  6. Dark chocolate contains a lot of antioxidants that can help reduce blood pressure. A serving size of dark chocolate after dinner is a great dessert to satisfy that after-dinner sweet tooth!
To continue the celebration of National Nutrition Month, here are some tips on how you can maintain good nutrition:
Don’t forget to eat breakfast.

Eating a healthy breakfast gets your body going for the rest of the day.  It’s the most important meal of the day!

Substitute whole grains for white breads and pastas.

They have a lot of more nutritional value and keep you full for longer. Plus, they’re just as tasty!

Raw vegetables make a great snack!

Increasing the amount of vegetables in your daily intake is always helpful. They have a high vitamin and mineral content and a low calorie count. They’re great for snacking and still provide that “crunchy-munchy” feeling we all crave!

Drink plenty of water.

Try and replace a sugary or even diet drink with a glass of water. Though diet drinks have no calories, they still have plenty of chemicals. Drinking water makes you feel fuller and can increase your metabolism. Infusing fresh fruits and vegetables into your water is a great way to make a tasty drink! Plus, you’ll drink some of the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables!

Nutrition for kids & teens

10 nutrition tips for a healthier family

A Healthy Diet:

Get back in shape and establish a healthy lifestyle. Foster a supportive environment for healthy weight loss by making your kids health a priority. You and your family can develop a positive relationship with food by making a just few changes to your routine.

It is so important that kids weight loss is a priority to parents. Create an environment where your kids can make nutritional choices easily.

Is teen weight loss an issue? Lead by example. When parents encourage healthy eating habits in teens it can build into a wholesome lifelong relationship with food. This relationship can provide a strong foundation and the best opportunity to grow into a healthy adult.

Here are a few tips to help cultivate healthy eating habits in children and teens.

1) Have regular Family meals.

Have an approximate time that you have dinner as a family each night. Having dinner as a family doesn’t just foster healthier eating habits; it is also a time where the family can reconnect.

2) Never use food as a reward. 

This could cause children to develop a weight problem later in life. Instead, incentivize them with something fun or physical like a trip to the park or game night.

3) Praise healthy choices. 

It is so important to praise children when they make good decisions. Give them the pride in ownership of that good choice.

Mom shopping for healthy food
The focus is on eating natural, whole foods at every meal while eliminating highly processed foods.
4) Don’t ridicule unhealthy choices. 

Remember the power of positive reinforcement. You’re your children choose unhealthy options, suggest healthier alternatives. For example, instead of regular potato chips and dip, offer tortilla chips with salsa. Instead of purchasing French fries, opt for cut up roasted potatoes with a bit of olive oil. For children with a sweet tooth, pick up some dried fruit or dip strawberries in dark chocolate for a fun and fresh treat.

5) Keep healthy food on hand. 

We all eat what is available, so keep healthy snacks easily accessible. Children can only choose from what is stocked in the house.

6) Set a good example. 

Children love to imitate, so it is important to set a good example for them. Parents shouldn’t be asking their children to eat fruits and veggies when they are gorging themselves on potato chips and soda.

7) Get the kids involved.

Make going to the grocery store fun by allowing children to help choose healthy options to add to their lunch boxes. This also can be used as an educational opportunity for parents to teach children about the nutritional values of different foods.

8) Limit portion sizes. 

Put the right portions on everyone’s plate by assembling them in the kitchen and don’t ever insist that your child cleans the plate.

9) Don’t label foods as good or bad. 

Connect healthy foods to things that your child cares about, such as sports or doing well in school. Teach your child that lean protein and calcium can help build strength for sports or that a well balanced breakfast can help them to stay focus and alert in class.

10) Avoid placing restrictions on food.

Restricting food can often have a negative effect when most parents think that they are doing the right thing. When a parent restricts food, it increases the possibility of that child growing to develop an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. Talk to your child about all the healthy options and don’t make food the enemy.

You can help jump start your new routine by enrolling in our family weight loss camp. Enrolling in our Mom’ weight loss camp provides guidance and inspiration for kids and adults alike.  Camp Pocono Trails is a great way to put a healthy lifestyle in a positive light, especially if you come across more than just a little resistance.

No matter how you approach these steps to health, whether it is with the help of professionals at our camp or self directed, you are supporting your child’s self growth and decision making skills. By cultivating an environment where your kids can easily make healthy nutritional choices, you are reinforcing a healthy relationship with food that your child will carry with them the rest of their lives.

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