Mom & Family Camp

Working out with your loved ones can be great!

At Camp Pocono Trails, we like for our campers’ families to get as involved as they can. We believe a great support and motivational system can be very helpful to our campers, especially when they leave after the summer’s over.  We offer a Mom’s Camp session for campers’ mothers to get involved and sign up. Mom’s camp occurs during the same time as our regular summer session occurs. During this time, the moms will enjoy nicely appointed air-conditioned cabins, separate from the campers. Mom’s Camp gives the mothers of our campers a firsthand experience of what life is like at CPT. Our moms learn about child and teen nutrition, fitness, and behavior modification as they go through the same nutritional and fitness program as our campers! What better way to prepare your child to continue their journey at home?!

Mom's enjoy the Camp Pocono Trails pool
Our Mom’s camp has been tremendously successful since it was introduced in the summer of 2012.

In order to continue this philosophy after the summer, we suggest to our campers and their families to work together! Whether you want your family or friends-or both-to join you as you endeavor on your weight loss journey, there’s many fun ways to workout with a group of people. Working out in groups can be fun and also helps switch things up so you don’t get bored with your daily routines. Bringing your friends or family along with you on your journey is fun for everyone. It’s another way for you to spend time with them as well as another way for everyone to get exercise.

Here are some fun ways you can workout with your loved ones:
Family fitness idea #1: Hike

Going on hikes are super fun. It’s a great exercise to do with a group of people- you can chat on your way up and work together to get there. There are always amazing views to look at and once the weather gets nice it’ll help change things up from working out at the gym!

Family fitness idea #2: Take a class together 

Taking a new class that you never tried before can sometimes be intimidating going alone. You never know what to expect, so it’s understandable. Utilize this opportunity to go with your parent, sibling, or best friend, and try out a class that you’ve been too scared to try. Whether it’s a spinning class, boot camp, dance aerobics, or kick boxing, just go for it and bring your loved one(s). If you like it, bring more of your friends and family so they get the chance to enjoy it with you. Group classes are super fun, exciting, accommodating for as many people as you want to bring and always a great workout.

Family fitness idea #3: Bike Ride 

Biking outside is really fun as it can involve as many people as you want. Take a Sunday ride with your family on a scenic route. Bike with your friends on Saturday as a way to hang out with them. It is a great activity that you can combine with others. Bike with your family to your favorite spot to get a nice refreshing smoothie! Bike with your friends to your favorite park and hang out there for a couple of hours! There’s always somewhere to bike to and someone to bike with!

Family fitness idea #4: Group Runs 

Running with family and friends is also exciting. It’s great to run with other people because you can utilize each other for motivation. It’s easier to push yourself when you have someone there to encourage you. Bring your family or friends on your favorite running route, or better yet-have one of them show you their favorite!