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COVID 19: Keeping fit & healthy

As we all know, working out is good idea whether you are a child, teen or young adult. That’s true now more than ever as we are isolated from our friends, inundated with news, and away from gym class and sports activities due to COVID 19. Exercise will boost our moods as well as our immune systems. There’s also that pesky fridge. When it beckons louder than usual, think about how to get your body moving!

Being outdoors is best.

Karen Glanz, an epidemiology and nursing professor at the University of Pennsylvania, recommends taking walks, running, hiking, and biking. Towns that have ordered people to shelter in place still encourage solo outdoor activities as long as everyone keeps their distance. “Being outdoors is best if the weather is agreeable, and if the place where people live is safe to be outdoors.” said Glanz.

Girl taking a walk while practicing social distancing during COVID 19 and having a healthy snackBut keep in mind, if it’s crowded outside, stay away. Now that it’s spring, many people are headed to parks and trails. As a result of people not following health mandates, many parks are being temporarily closed. Get out with a family member where you are not exposed to other people who do not live with you. Maintain your social distance. Be especially careful of passing runners who may be breathing heavily. Moving to the other side of the path or street when there is a runner is a good idea.

Boost your endorphins!

Being outdoors is fun, but even more importantly, it’s good for the brain, body, and soul. Here are 11 scientific benefits for being outdoors from Mental Floss. Get out, breath the fresh air, feel the breeze, the sun, hear the sound of the birds, and boost your endorphins – the feel good hormones that improve your mood and lower stress.

While we need to keep our social distance from each other due to COVID 19, we can still get up close and personal with Mother Nature. Remember, practice safe distancing while keeping your hands clean. Eat smart, sleep well and keep a schedule which includes regular movement!

Boy social distancing in the woods, taking a walk and enjoying nature during COVID 19