summer weight loss camp

Not a fat camp, a life changing summer camp that’s FUN!

Camp Pocono Trails is just like any other traditional sleep-away camp, and then some. There’s the waterfront, climbing center, song and cheer, camp fires, color war… everything you’d expect from an awesome camp experience. Camp Pocono Trails in Pennsylvania has everything plus a world-famous program that gives each camper the long-term tools necessary for them to get healthy and stay healthy. We are a fun traditional summer camp where kids get into great shape, detox from electronics, raise their self-esteem, and have the time of their lives. We are not a FAT CAMP.

Boating at Camp Pocono Trails
Water Skiing, Jet Skiing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Paddle Boats, Row Boating,
Banana Boating, Monster Tubing and more!

At Camp Pocono Trails your child will find the best balance between fitness, weight loss, self-esteem, and lots of fun. Here, our campers will find themselves taking calisthenics or aerobics classes, nutrition and cooking classes. They enjoy playing sports, crafting, making long-term friendships, socializing, gaining confidence, and feeling a sense of belonging. It’s a great mix of everything. We like to provide a fun environment where, as owner and camp director, Tony Sparber, would say, “Everyone’s invited to the party!

Campers leave the summer in the best physical and mental shape of their lives.

As our campers go through these physical transformations over the summer, they also go through a mental transformation. Aside from the fact that our campers leave the summer in the best physical and mental shape of their lives, they gain a lifelong sense of self-confidence that is invaluable. With the guidance they receive from self-esteem classes attended once a week, our campers learn how to

build from the inside out. These classes are private classes between the age group and the instructor. Here, our campers are able learn and talk about building self-confidence and self worth.

Camp Pocono Trails is a safe place where you can be you!

At the beginning of camp, it’s understandable that a camper may not want to participate on stage at an evening activity. By the end of the summer, or even just one week in, the growth of confidence is obvious. It’s rewarding see the their confidence surge. It’s the type of confidence where a camper will even get on stage and have fun with friends.

Fitness, friendships and fun!

The friendships that are made at Camp Pocono Trails are one of a kind. Our campers keep coming back, even when they’re old enough to start being counselors or staff members. In spite of success, he or she will keep coming back because of the friendships and memories made over the summers. For many campers and counselors, it’s not even about the fitness training or weight management anymore. It’s about the camp, the friendships, and the fun, as it becomes their summer home.