summer weight loss camp

Top rated summer camp for wellness & weight loss

What does it take to be the top rated summer camp for total wellness, fitness & weight loss?

First of all, we know that boys, girls, teens, and young adults all need to feel welcomed, empowered, safe, motivated and challenged. Secondly, we help our campers feel great about themselves by helping them set realistic, healthy goals. Self-esteem comes from accomplishing these goals. There’s nothing like helping a kid experience the rewards of better habits. Finally, campers need to feel determined and equipped to continue applying these life-changing tools when they return back home.

Top Weight loss Camp on 350 lakefront acres
Camp Pocono Trails has two heated, lakefront pools for fun and fitness.
Camp Pocono Trails offers the best way to internalize a new healthy lifestyle.

Spend your summer on our 350 private lakefront acres. Enjoy top notch facilities designed for extreme fun. Breath the fresh mountain air. Surround yourself with supportive friends who really “get” you. Learn from our caring and sensitive team of camp professionals who are experts in fitness, nutrition, self esteem, nutrition and fitness.

At Camp Pocono Trails, we’ve earned our reputation as the world’s #1 wellness camp. Tony Sparber and Dale Sparber have helped thousands of young people learn a healthy approach to lasting weight loss. Now the Sparbers use their knowledge to teach, motivate and empower thousands of campers to live healthier and happier lives. As a result, we have excellent reviews from campers and parents alike.

Today’s youth face unique challenges.

Kids grow up today with the ubiquity of the internet and social media. They are drawn to the allure of sitting for endless hours watching videos, texting and playing digital games. Consequently, the lives of so many kids get thrown out of balance. The result is less energy, less confidence, less strength, and issues with weight and body image. Even social skills, maturity and ambition can suffer.

Breaking digital habits are not easy, but can be learned. Eating right needs to be a chosen lifestyle, not a diet. Our campers learn that healthy food tastes great! Activities should be a joy, not a chore.

Too many kids end up going away to college without the skills to properly manage themselves. Camp Pocono Trails helps campers achieve things they never thought possible.

Camp Pocono Trails is an exciting and beautiful place where young lives transform for the long term.

Parents are overjoyed by the positive change they see in their children. Campers establish profound, often life-long friendships. There’s a special kind of bonding that takes place when working for a common goal while enjoying 100’s of fun, exciting activities. Camp Pocono Trails sets the gold standard for any camp that concentrates on fitness, wellness or weight loss. Our campers sacrifice nothing of the traditional camp experience at Camp Pocono Trails. No wonder we’re an ACA accredited camp.

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